The Unique Light of Les Beaux France

The art of photography, with its etymological root hailing from France, is apparent with these two landscape images taken in the historic Southern France town of Les Beaux. Les Beaux's Provence location (adjacent to Italy) makes it a popular destination for many artists. Painters Van Gogh, Puget, Brea, and Froment all found inspiration here due to the region’s unique quality of light.

The beauty of Les Beaux is evident with its ruined mountaintop castle that overlooks an endless sea of plains. The castle generates breathtaking emotions and would fit perfectly in the décor of any home. Placed in a front room as an eye-opening entrance piece or within a focal point in a sitting room, Les Beaux, in particular photographs of the town, are beautiful because of the quality of light emitted.

The fields of Provence image [below] would work well on a subsequent wall in a living room or even a bedroom. The overwhelming view allows the décor of your home to inspire both you and your guests. Purchase a canvas print of Les Beaux today. Whether for your home or as a gift, the gift of Les Beaux is one that will never get old.